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Hot Tix, a program of the League of Chicago Theatres, sells half price tickets to a wide variety of theatre productions for the current week as well as future performances. Hot Tix discounted tickets are available at our three outlet locations in downtown Chicago as well as online.

What is the League of Chicago Theatres?

The League of Chicago Theatres is an alliance of theatres which leverages its collective strength to promote, support, and advocate for Chicago's theatre industry locally, nationally, and internationally. The League of Chicago Theatres is proud to serve a membership of more than 240 theatres, a rich and varied theatre community ranging from storefront, non-union theatres with budgets under $10,000 to major cultural centers with multi-million dollar shows. Hot Tix, which was founded in 1979, is a service of the League of Chicago Theatres and exists to further promote and support Chicago area theatres.